Mark Watkin PPL Ground School

Whether it's becoming a fixed wing or helicopter pilot, Mark Watkin has your ground school needs covered.

What I do

  • Teaches the complete EASA PPL ground school for fixed wing (A) and helicopters (H)

  • Theoretical training and written exam for IMC / IR(r)

  • Radiotelephony training and practical examination

  • All PPL theoretical knowledge refresher training

  • Aircraft Brokerage and sales

  • Supporting of EASA Part M Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance

    And much more...

EASA PPL Theoretical Knowledge Examinations

As part of the application for a private licence, you will need to take and pass exams in the following subject areas:

Common subjects

  • Air law

  • Human performance

  • Meteorology

  • Communications

Exams specific to the aircraft category:

  • Principles of flight

  • Operational procedures

  • Flight performance and planning

  • Aircraft general knowledge

  • Navigation


'Mark is a very knowledgable and patient coach, tailors the course to your needs and skill level, and we had some good laughs along the way'


'It has been a pleasure to work and learn from someone who not only cares about aviation but someone who is dedicated to seeing his students excel'


'Cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend Mark as the go to person for PPL ground school.'

About Mark Watkin

Mark has a wealth of aviation experience. He trained at a Military Civilian Conversion school in the early 80’s. He has been involved in numerous single engine and multi-engined aircraft in Western Europe and North America. His flight hours are in excess of 2500 hrs in most types. Also involved in Aircraft Brokerage and sales.